Training Opportunities

Postdoctoral Fellows, PHD, Masters, and Honours

We are currently seeking students wishing to pursue a graduate level degree in Neuroscience, Computing Science, and Biomedical Engineering. Interested applicants should forward materials to Dr. Kalra by email or express their interest by submitting the form below.

Key criteria

Domestic students – The students should have strong academic track record (including research and write-up) with first class honours. The student’s research and academic background might be in one or more of Neuroscience, Computing science,  Biomedical Engineering or related disciplines.

International students – For an international student, s/he is expected to have masters and honours degrees with very strong academic and research background in a relevant field. The students are likely to have an overall IELTS score of 7 or above with a minimum of 6.5 score in each band. S/he is also expected to have research articles in high impact journals of the field.

Contact Information

Office: 7-132 F Clinical Sciences Building (11350 – 83rd Avenue), Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2G3

Lab: 562 Heritage Medical Research Centre (11313-87 Ave Edmonton, AB, T6G2S2)

Phone:  (780) 248-1777