Our Team

Dr. Sanjay Kalra

Principal Investigator

Email: kalra [at] ualberta.ca

Postdoctoral Fellow

Komal Bharti

Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: kbharti [at] ualberta.ca

Collin Luk

Postdoctoral Fellow

Email: luk1 [at] ualberta.ca

Graduate Students

Avyarthana Dey

PHD Student

Email: avyarthana [at] ualberta.ca

Pedram Parnianpour

PHD Student

Email: parnianp [at] ualberta.ca

Abdullah Ishaque

MD/PhD Student

Email: aishaque [at] ualberta.ca

Undergraduate Students

Daniel Ta

MD Student

Email: dta [at] ualberta.ca

Tanushka Anand

Undergraduate Student

Email: tanushka [at] ualberta.ca

Adam Elamy

Undergraduate Student

Email: elamy1 [at] ualberta.ca

Andrew Wu

Undergraduate Student

Email: sywu [at] ualberta.ca

Danae Keddie

Undergraduate student

Email: dkeddie [at] ualberta.ca

Research Staff

Miriam Garrido Clua

Research Coordinator

Email: garridoc [at] ualberta.ca

Shang Lu

Imaging Specialist

Email: slu2 [at] ualberta.ca

Muhammad Khan

Research Technician

Email: mukhan [at] ualberta.ca

Training Opportunities

We are currently seeking postdoctoral fellows and students wishing to pursue graduate level degrees in Neuroscience, Computing Science, and Biomedical Engineering. Interested applicants should forward materials by e-mail.

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